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飞侠哥顿勇闯火星是什么 关于飞侠哥顿勇闯火星的详细介绍

展开全部 1900-1902的没找到1903:火车大劫案,一个美国消防队员的生活 1904-1907 无1908:多莉历险记 1909-1912 无1913:The Escape of Jim Dolan,峡谷之战1914:The Life of General Villa,Rose of the Rancho,伊莱恩的罗曼史,波林历险记,神秘女孩 1915 无1916:海底两万里,格罗利亚的爱情,Reggie Mixes In,The Shielding Shadow,铁爪1917:The Little American,The Railroad Raiders,重大机密,复仇与女人1918:人猿泰山,摩洛哥边界 Bound in Morocco,The Border Wireless1919:The Trail of the Octopus,狮面人 The Lion Man,绿眼怪 The Green-Eyed Monster,巨障 Smashing Barriers1920:The Revenge of Tarzan,失落的城市 The Lost City,死或生 Daredevil Jack,无惧的埃尔莫 Elmo the Fearless,泰山之子 The Son of Tarzan,Velvet Fingers1921:The Adventures of Tarzan,三剑客 The Three Musketeers,The Hope Diamond Mystery,The Bull-Dogger,Fighting Fate,Miracles of the Jungle1922:White Eagle,三剑客 The Three Must-Get-Theres,étroit mousquetaire,L'/Max i trzech muszkieterów,The Crimson Skull1923:最后安全 Safety Last!Plunder,Regeneration1924:巴格达窃贼 The Thief of Baghdad,小生怕羞 Girl Shy博·布鲁梅尔 Beau Brummel,Find Your Man,árbitro de la elegancia,El/árbitro de la moda,El 1915 无1926:万世流芳 Beau Geste,展翅翱翔 Flying High,黑海盗 The Black Pirate,Pirata Negro,O/Seer?uber,Der,The Blue Eagle,One Minute to Play,看不见的敌人 Unseen Enemies,Son fils avait raison/One Minute to Play,火车劫案 The Great K&A Train Robbery,大雪英雄 A Hero of the Big Snows,All's Swell That Ends Swell,汤姆和他的伙伴们 Tom and His Pals翼 Wings(1927)向上三英里 Three Miles Up(1927)将军号 The General(1927)枪是真理 Gun Gospel(1927)Tracked by the Police(1927)警告 The Warning(1927)潜水艇 Submarine(1928)无脸的男人 The Man Without a Face(1928)Tarzan the Mighty(1928)The Trail of '98(1928)神秘的飞行员 The Mysterious Airman(1928)追逐 Speedy(1928)Hot Heels(1928)The Big Hop(1928)敲诈 Ransom(1928)鹰巢 The Hawk's Nest(1928)犯罪搭档 Partners in Crime(1928)The Ace of Scotland Yard(1929)Gun Law(1929)西线无战事 All Quiet on the Western Front(1930)The Spoilers(1930)拂晓侦查 The Dawn Patrol(1930)Breed of the West(1930)好意 Good Intentions(1930)上海游轮 The Ship from Shanghai(1930)第三次警报 The Third Alarm(1930)没有女人的男人 Men Without Women(1930)尖叫者 The Squealer(1930)国民公敌 The Public Enemy(1931)烟枪 Gun Smoke(1931)双枪骑士 Two-Gun Caballero(1931)秘密的恐吓 The Secret Menace(1931)Hell Bent for Frisco(1931)飞行员 The Sky Spider(1931)马耳他之鹰 The Maltese Falcon(1931)危险岛屿 Danger Island(1931)The Vanishing Legion(1931)人猿泰山 Tarzan the Ape Man(1932)South of the Rio Grande(1932)Mark of the Spur(1932)Trapped in Tia Juana(1932)来自新墨西哥州的人 The Man from New Mexico(1932)Arm of the Law(1932)喧嚣的兵营 Rackety Rax(1932)Two-Fisted Law(1932)消失的边境 The Vanishing Frontier(1932)西部英雄 Heroes of the West(1932)男女战争 Man Against Woman(1932)当地的坏人 The Local Bad Man(1932)罗伯的鸟窝 Robbers' Roost(1932)金刚 King Kong(1933)金刚之子 The Son of Kong(1933)Tarzan the Fearless(1933)血海狂鹰 The Eagle and the Hawk(1933)三个火枪手 The Three Musketeers(1933)弗兰克的狼狗 The Wolf Dog(1933)战斗的牧师 The Fighting Parson(1933)大机遇 The Big Chance(1933)泰山得美 Tarzan and His Mate(1934)统一阵线 The Line-Up(1934)天堂谷 Paradise Valley(1934)When a Man Sees Red(1934)犹他州来的人 The Man from Utah(1934)The Silver Streak(1934)地狱使者 The Man from Hell(1934)The Star Packer(1934)One Is Guilty(1934)Ticket to a Crime(1934)The Trail Beyond(1934)红色骑士 The Red Rider(1934)印第安小孩 The Tonto Kid(1934)深红罗曼史 Crimson Romance(1934)Law of the Wild(1934)漫游的鬼魂 The Ghost Walks(1934)Ridin' Thru(1934)Potluck Pards(1934)夜晚中的声音 Voice in the Night(1934)铁血船长 Captain Blood(1935)China Seas(1935)Texas Terror(1935)The New Adventures of Tarzan(1935)野性的呼唤 The Call of the Wild(1935)The Live Wire(1935)牛仔与强盗 The Cowboy and the Bandit(1935)Code of the Mounted(1935)Clive of India(1935)Devil Dogs of the Air(1935)头上的王冠 Skull and Crown(1935)狼的踪迹 Coyote Trails(1935)深红色的踪迹 The Crimson Trail(1935)把握现在 Now or Never(1935)东方的影子 Shadows of the Orient(1935)北方的勇气 Courage of the North(1935)战斗先锋 Fighting Pioneers(1935)旋风巡逻队 The Cyclone Ranger(1935)西班牙岬角的秘密 The Spanish Cape Mystery(1935)大口径手枪 Big Calibre(1935)三个火枪手 The Three Musketeers(1935)响雷的山脉 Thunder Mountain(1935)牛仔百万富翁 The Cowboy Millionaire(1935)女士渴望冒险 Ladies Crave Excitement(1935)炸药先生 Mister Dynamite(1935)彩虹谷 Rainbow Valley(1935)Racing Luck(1935)What Price Crime(1935)喧闹的公路 Roaring Roads(1935)Million Dollar Haul(1935)消防员 Suicide Squad(1935)雷克斯和瑞蒂历险记 The Adventures of Rex and Rinty(1935)Eight Bells(1935)Men of Action(1935)社会的错误 Social Error(1935)泰山逃亡 Tarzan Escapes(1936)英烈传 The Charge of the Light Brigade(1936)Special Agent K-7(1936)The Vigilantes Are Coming(1936)卡斯特的最终立场 Custer's Last Stand(1936)Too Much Beef(1936)幻影巡逻 Phantom Patrol(1936)The Drag-Net (1936)Go-Get-'Em,Haines(1936)黑色大陆 Darkest Africa(1936)Santa Fe Bound(1936)农场里的玫瑰 Rose of the Rancho(1936)鲁莽骑兵 Wildcat Trooper(1936)马鞍之歌 Song of the Saddle(1936)丝绸和马鞍 Silks and Saddles(1936)Ten Laps to Go(1936)速度 Speed(1936)Caryl of the Mountains(1936)白牙 White Fang(1936)敲诈 Shakedown(1936)通缉犯:简·特纳 Wanted:Jane Turner(1936)Beyond the Caribbean(1936)Hair-Trigger Casey(1936)沙漠幻影 Desert Phantom(1936)飓风 The Hurricane(1937)芝加哥大火记 In Old Chicago(1937)佐罗回归 Zorro Rides Again(1937)无线电巡逻 Radio Patrol(1937)Dick Tracy(1937)Paradise Express(1937)The Man in Blue(1937)上帝的领土与臣民 God's Country and the Man(1937)秘密侦探X9 Secret Agent X-9(1937)里奥格兰德河以北 North of the Rio Grande(1937)在夜晚逃离 Escape by Night(1937)四十个顽皮少女 Forty Naughty Girls(1937)Clipped Wings(1937)无法之地 Land Beyond the Law(1937)失踪的目击证人 Missing Witnesses(1937)Bill Cracks Down(1937)飞舞的拳头 Flying Fists(1937)复仇的代价 What Price Vengeance?(1937)电话接线员 Telephone Operator(1937)he Mysterious Pilot(1937)侠盗罗宾汉 The Adventures of Robin Hood(1938)Dick Tracy Returns(1938)Arson Gang Busters(1938)金银岛的秘密 The Secret of Treasure Island(1938)百老汇之战 Battle of Broadway(1938)Song of the Buckaroo(1938)孤独骑士 Cattle Raiders(1938)亚利桑那南部 South of Arizona(1938)Rollin' Plains(1938)Sky Giant(1938)西部宴会 Western Jamboree(1938)太平间的女人 The Lady in the Morgue(1938)在西部的星空下 Under Western Stars(1938)Where the Buffalo Roam(1938)恶童 Tough Kid(1938)歌曲和马鞍 Songs and Saddles(1938)飞侠哥顿:勇闯火星 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars(1938)Call of the Yukon(1938)非法山谷 Lawless Valley(1938)快车谋杀案 Outlaw Express(1938侦探王先生 Mr.Wong,Detective(1938)赤足男孩 Barefoot Boy(1938)州立警察 State Police(1938)少管所 Reformatory(1938)德克萨斯州上空的星光 Starlight Over Texas(1938)紫色义务警员 The Purple Vigilantes(1938)PCall the Mesquiteers(1938)西部的踪迹 Western Trails(1938)孟加拉的暴风雨 Storm Over Bengal(1938)Held for Ransom(1938)北方之心 Heart of the North(1938)泰山的复仇 Tarzan's Revenge(1938)When G-Men Step In(1938)关山飞渡 Stagecoach(1939)Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp(1939)古庙战茄声 Gunga Din(1939)火爆三兄弟 Beau Geste(1939)The Real Glory(1939)泰山得子 Tarzan Finds a Son!(1939)荡寇志 Jesse James(1939)Code of the Secret Service(1939)街道密码 Code of the Streets(1939)三剑客 The Three Musketeers(1939)我的儿子是有罪的 My Son Is Guilty(1939)空气的秘密服务 Secret Service of the Air(1939)Torchy Runs for Mayor(1939)爱尔兰的好运 Irish Luck(1939)Glove Slingers(1939)Burn 'Em Up O'Connor(1939)Legion of Lost Flyers(1939)Water Rustlers(1939)彭巴斯草原的法律 Law of the Pampas(1939)内幕 Inside Information(1939)Pacific Liner(1939)Twelve Crowded Hours(1939)Indianapolis Speedway(1939)伪造护照 Forged Passport(1939)Double Deal(1939)佐罗的..www.shufadashi.com*??*?

和其他讲述穿紧身衣的超级英雄的作品一样,这部改编电影故事离奇 节奏紧张,迎合了大萧条时期西方观众的遁世心理,取得巨大成功。片中,冷酷的明被刻画为长着两道刀把状的眉毛的邪恶形象,这一特征在后来数十年的时间里被“飞侠哥顿”的众多影视改编作品中普遍采用,包括1980年摄制Mike Hodges导演的同名影片。



名称 飞侠哥顿:勇闯火星

  外文名称 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars


  Aris enantion tis gis, O.....Greece

  MARTE ataca a la Tierra.....Spain

  Space Soldiers' Trip to Mars.....USA (TV title)

  Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars


  福特·毕比 Ford Beebe

  Robert F. Hill....(as Robert Hill)

  Frederick Stephani....(first serial footage) (uncredited)


  Ray Trampe....(original story and screenplay) &

  Norman S. Hall....(original story and screenplay) &

  Wyndham Gittens....(original story and screenplay) &

  Herbert Dalmas....(original story and screenplay)

  Alex Raymond....based on the comic strip by


  Buster Crabbe....Flash Gordon

  琼·罗杰斯 Jean Rogers....Dale Arden

  Charles Middleton....Emperor Ming

  影片类型: 动作/ 科幻

  片长:(15 episodes)

  国家/地区: 美国

  上映 1938年

  对白语言: 英语

  色彩: 黑白

  混音: 单声道


  版权所有:(Universal Productions, Inc./(original), U.S. Copyright LP7796, 8 February 1938 (Chapter 1)Universal Productions, Inc. (original), U.S. Copyright LP7797, 8 February 1938 (Chapter 2)Universal Productions, Inc. (original), U.S. Copyright LP7822, 14 February 1938 (Chapter 3)Universal Productions, Inc. (original), U.S. Copyright LP7851, 25 February 1938 (Chapter 4)Universal Productions, Inc. (original), U.S. Copyright LP7880, 11 March 1938 (Chapter 5)Universal Productions, Inc. (original), U.S. Copy

  摄制格式: 35 mm

  洗印格式: 35 mm

  胶片长度: 300 m(1 reel)

  制作人 Produced by:Barney A. Sarecky....associate producer (as Barney Sarecky)

  摄影 Cinematography:Jerome Ash

  剪辑 Film Editing:

  Joseph Gluck

  Saul A. Goodkind

  Louis Sackin

  Alvin Todd

  美术设计 Art Direction by:Ralph M. DeLacy


  King Features Production[美国]



  环球影业[美国](1938) (USA) (theatrical)

  Questar Home Video[美国](1991) (USA) (VHS)

  Stokey Video[美国](1996) (USA) (VHS)

  Image Entertainment Inc.[美国](2000) (USA) (DVD)/(1996) (USA) (DVD)

  Cable Video(????) (USA) (VHS)

  Hearst Entertainment(1996) (USA) (DVD)

  Nostalgia Video[美国](????) (USA) (VHS)

  VCI Home Video[美国](????) (USA) (VHS)

  Western Trails Video(????) (USA) (VHS)


  巴斯特·克拉比Buster Crabbe....Flash Gordon琼·罗杰斯Jean Rogers....Dale ArdenCharles Middleton....Emperor MingFrank Shannon....Dr. ZarkovBeatrice Roberts....Queen AzuraDonald Kerr....Happy HapgoodRichard Alexander....Prince Barin [Chs. 6-15]C. Montague Shaw....Clay King (as Montague Shaw)Wheeler Oakman....TarnakKenne Duncan....Airdrome captain (as Kenneth Duncan)Warner P. Richmond....Zandar杰克·茂豪尔Jack Mulhall....Bomber captain [Chs. 4-5, 13]莱恩·钱德勒Lane Chandler....Flight commander [Chs. 2-3]Anthony Warde....King Turan of the ForestPeople [Chs. 7, 11, 13]Ben Lewis....Professor [Ch.1]Wheaton Chambers....Professor (scenes deleted)George Cleveland....Prof. Hensley (scenes deleted)Kane Richmond....Pilot captainEarl Askam....Officer Torch, in Flashbacks [Chs. 6, 10, 14] (uncredited)Hooper Atchley....Dr. Dunord [Chs. 1, 9] (uncredited)罗伊·巴克罗夫特Roy Barcroft....Martian soldier [Ch.2] (uncredited)James Blaine....Prof. Richter [Chs. 1,9] (uncredited)托马斯·卡尔Thomas Carr....Capt. Rama, of the ForestPeople [Chs. 6-7, 10-11, 13] (uncredited)George DeNormand....Martian soldier [Chs. 3, 9-10] (uncredited)Earl Douglas....Martian soldier (uncredited)James Eagles....High Priest of Kalu [Chs. 8, 10-11] (uncredited)Al Ferguson....Soldier (uncredited)Jerry Frank....Stratosled co-pilot [Chs. 5-6] / Relay Televisor [Chs. 7, 11] (uncredited)Jack Gardner....Templeassistant [Chs. 10-11] (uncredited)Alan Gregg....Clay Spy [Ch.6] (uncredited)Herbert Holcombe....Martian soldier (uncredited)Reed Howes....Stratosled pilot [Chs. 5-6] (uncredited)Reid Kilpatrick....Radio Announcer [Ch.1] (uncredited)Fred Kohler Jr.....Soldier (uncredited)Priscilla Lawson....Princess Aura, in flashback [Chs. 6, 10, 14] (uncredited)Jack 'Tiny' Lipson....King Vultan, in flashback [Ch.10] (uncredited)Theodore Lorch....High Priest, in flashback [Chs. 6, 10] (uncredited)Charles McMurphy....Atom Furnace Slave Driver, in flashback [Ch.14] (uncredited)Louis Merrill....Bit part (uncredited)Charles Murphy....Sergeant-at-arms [Ch.1] (uncredited)Eddie Parker....Martian Soldier (uncredited)James Pierce....Prince THUN, in flashback [Ch.14] (uncredited)Stanley Price....Lab worker turned to clay [Ch.1] (uncredited)Charles Sherlock....Palace televisor operator (uncredited)Edwin Stanley....Gen. Rankin [Chs. 1, 9] (uncredited)Tom Steele....Martian soldier (uncredited)Glenn Strange....Ming's soldier, in flashback [Ch.6] (uncredited)Ray Turner....Zarkov's servant [Ch.1] (uncredited)Bud Wolfe....Martian soldier-pilot [Ch.2] (uncredited)制作人Produced by

  Barney A. Sarecky....associate producer (as Barney Sarecky)摄影Cinematography

  Jerome Ash剪辑Film Editing

  Joseph GluckSaul A. GoodkindLouis SackinAlvin Todd美术设计Art Direction by

  Ralph M. DeLacy

展开全部彩色的 1932年的《名利场》是电影史上第一部用彩色胶片拍摄的彩色故事片在这部电影之前的彩色电影都是用黑白胶片拍摄,后期进行胶片染色的*展开全部应该是黑白的,因为1935年,世界第一部真正的彩色电影《虚荣城市》才问世。所以是黑白的,你如果看见是彩色多是后人用电脑填色*展开全部扒到了这个问题…那必须纠正一下:首先名利场是1935年的电影!其次他是世界上第一部真正的彩色影片。*展开全部绝对是黑白的那时侯还没彩色呢本回答被提问者采纳*展开全部1900-1902的没找到1903:火车大劫案, 一个美国消防队员32313133353236313431303231363533e78988e69d8331333264623866的生活 1904-1907 无1908:多莉历险记 1909-1912 无1913:The Escape of Jim Dolan , 峡谷之战1914:The Life of General Villa,Rose of the Rancho,伊莱恩的罗曼史, 波林历险记,神秘女孩 1915 无1916:海底两万里,格罗利亚的爱情,Reggie Mixes In, The Shielding Shadow,铁爪1917:The Little American,The Railroad Raiders,重大机密, 复仇与女人1918:人猿泰山 ,摩洛哥边界 Bound in Morocco ,The Border Wireless 1919:The Trail of the Octopus, 狮面人 The Lion Man , 绿眼怪 The Green-Eyed Monster, 巨障 Smashing Barriers 1920:The Revenge of Tarzan ,失落的城市 The Lost City , 死或生 Daredevil Jack,无惧的埃尔莫 Elmo the Fearless, 泰山之子 The Son of Tarzan ,Velvet Fingers1921:The Adventures of Tarzan , 三剑客 The Three Musketeers, The Hope Diamond Mystery ,The Bull-Dogger,Fighting Fate, Miracles of the Jungle 1922:White Eagle ,三剑客 The Three Must-Get-Theres , Étroit mousquetaire, L'/Max i trzech muszkieterów, The Crimson Skull 1923:最后安全 Safety Last! ,Plunder , Regeneration 1924:巴格达窃贼 The Thief of Baghdad ,小生怕羞 Girl Shy 博·布鲁梅尔 Beau Brummel,Find Your Man , Árbitro de la elegancia, El/Árbitro de la moda, El 1915 无1926:万世流芳 Beau Geste ,展翅翱翔 Flying High , 黑海盗 The Black Pirate ,Pirata Negro, O/Seeräuber, Der, The Blue Eagle ,One Minute to Play , 看不见的敌人 Unseen Enemies, Son fils avait raison/One Minute to Play, 火车劫案 The Great K & A Train Robbery , 大雪英雄 A Hero of the Big Snows ,All's Swell That Ends Swell , 汤姆和他的伙伴们 Tom and His Pals翼 Wings (1927) 向上三英里 Three Miles Up (1927) 将军号 The General (1927) 枪是真理 Gun Gospel (1927) Tracked by the Police (1927) 警告 The Warning (1927) 潜水艇 Submarine (1928) 无脸的男人 The Man Without a Face (1928) Tarzan the Mighty (1928) The Trail of '98 (1928) 神秘的飞行员 The Mysterious Airman (1928) 追逐 Speedy (1928) Hot Heels (1928) The Big Hop (1928) 敲诈 Ransom (1928) 鹰巢 The Hawk's Nest (1928) 犯罪搭档 Partners in Crime (1928) The Ace of Scotland Yard (1929) Gun Law (1929)西线无战事 All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) The Spoilers (1930) 拂晓侦查 The Dawn Patrol (1930) Breed of the West (1930) 好意 Good Intentions (1930) 上海游轮 The Ship from Shanghai (1930) 第三次警报 The Third Alarm (1930)没有女人的男人 Men Without Women (1930) 尖叫者 The Squealer (1930) 国民公敌 The Public Enemy (1931) 烟枪 Gun Smoke (1931) 双枪骑士 Two-Gun Caballero (1931) 秘密的恐吓 The Secret Menace (1931) Hell Bent for Frisco (1931) 飞行员 The Sky Spider (1931) 马耳他之鹰 The Maltese Falcon (1931) 危险岛屿 Danger Island (1931) The Vanishing Legion (1931) 人猿泰山 Tarzan the Ape Man (1932) South of the Rio Grande (1932) Mark of the Spur (1932) Trapped in Tia Juana (1932) 来自新墨西哥州的人 The Man from New Mexico (1932) Arm of the Law (1932) 喧嚣的兵营 Rackety Rax (1932) Two-Fisted Law (1932) 消失的边境 The Vanishing Frontier (1932) 西部英雄 Heroes of the West (1932) 男女战争 Man Against Woman (1932) 当地的坏人 The Local Bad Man (1932) 罗伯的鸟窝 Robbers' Roost (1932) 金刚 King Kong (1933) 金刚之子 The Son of Kong (1933) Tarzan the Fearless (1933) 血海狂鹰 The Eagle and the Hawk (1933) 三个火枪手 The Three Musketeers (1933) 弗兰克的狼狗 The Wolf Dog (1933) 战斗的牧师 The Fighting Parson (1933) 大机遇 The Big Chance (1933) 泰山得美 Tarzan and His Mate (1934) 统一阵线 The Line-Up (1934) 天堂谷 Paradise Valley (1934) When a Man Sees Red (1934) 犹他州来的人 The Man from Utah (1934) The Silver Streak (1934)地狱使者 The Man from Hell (1934) The Star Packer (1934) One Is Guilty (1934) Ticket to a Crime (1934) The Trail Beyond (1934) 红色骑士 The Red Rider (1934) 印第安小孩 The Tonto Kid (1934) 深红罗曼史 Crimson Romance (1934) Law of the Wild (1934) 漫游的鬼魂 The Ghost Walks (1934) Ridin' Thru (1934) Potluck Pards (1934) 夜晚中的声音 Voice in the Night (1934) 铁血船长 Captain Blood (1935) China Seas (1935) Texas Terror (1935) The New Adventures of Tarzan (1935) 野性的呼唤 The Call of the Wild (1935) The Live Wire (1935) 牛仔与强盗 The Cowboy and the Bandit (1935) Code of the Mounted (1935) Clive of India (1935) Devil Dogs of the Air (1935) 头上的王冠 Skull and Crown (1935) 狼的踪迹 Coyote Trails (1935) 深红色的踪迹 The Crimson Trail (1935) 把握现在 Now or Never (1935) 东方的影子 Shadows of the Orient (1935) 北方的勇气 Courage of the North (1935) 战斗先锋 Fighting Pioneers (1935) 旋风巡逻队 The Cyclone Ranger (1935) 西班牙岬角的秘密 The Spanish Cape Mystery (1935) 大口径手枪 Big Calibre (1935) 三个火枪手 The Three Musketeers (1935) 响雷的山脉 Thunder Mountain (1935) 牛仔百万富翁 The Cowboy Millionaire (1935) 女士渴望冒险 Ladies Crave Excitement (1935) 炸药先生 Mister Dynamite (1935) 彩虹谷 Rainbow Valley (1935) Racing Luck (1935) What Price Crime (1935) 喧闹的公路 Roaring Roads (1935) Million Dollar Haul (1935) 消防员 Suicide Squad (1935) 雷克斯和瑞蒂历险记 The Adventures of Rex and Rinty (1935) Eight Bells (1935) Men of Action (1935) 社会的错误 Social Error (1935) 泰山逃亡 Tarzan Escapes (1936) 英烈传 The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) Special Agent K-7 (1936) The Vigilantes Are Coming (1936) 卡斯特的最终立场 Custer's Last Stand (1936) Too Much Beef (1936) 幻影巡逻 Phantom Patrol (1936) The Drag-Net (1936) Go-Get-'Em, Haines (1936) 黑色大陆 Darkest Africa (1936) Santa Fe Bound (1936) 农场里的玫瑰 Rose of the Rancho (1936) 鲁莽骑兵 Wildcat Trooper (1936) 马鞍之歌 Song of the Saddle (1936) 丝绸和马鞍 Silks and Saddles (1936) Ten Laps to Go (1936) 速度 Speed (1936) Caryl of the Mountains (1936) 白牙 White Fang (1936) 敲诈 Shakedown (1936) 通缉犯:简·特纳 Wanted: Jane Turner (1936) Beyond the Caribbean (1936) Hair-Trigger Casey (1936) 沙漠幻影 Desert Phantom (1936) 飓风 The Hurricane (1937) 芝加哥大火记 In Old Chicago (1937) 佐罗回归 Zorro Rides Again (1937) 无线电巡逻 Radio Patrol (1937) Dick Tracy (1937) Paradise Express (1937) The Man in Blue (1937) 上帝的领土与臣民 God's Country and the Man (1937) 秘密侦探X9 Secret Agent X-9 (1937) 里奥格兰德河以北 North of the Rio Grande (1937) 在夜晚逃离 Escape by Night (1937) 四十个顽皮少女 Forty Naughty Girls (1937) Clipped Wings (1937) 无法之地 Land Beyond the Law (1937) 失踪的目击证人 Missing Witnesses (1937) Bill Cracks Down (1937) 飞舞的拳头 Flying Fists (1937) 复仇的代价 What Price Vengeance? (1937) 电话接线员 Telephone Operator (1937) he Mysterious Pilot (1937) 侠盗罗宾汉 The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) Dick Tracy Returns (1938) Arson Gang Busters (1938) 金银岛的秘密 The Secret of Treasure Island (1938) 百老汇之战 Battle of Broadway (1938) Song of the Buckaroo (1938) 孤独骑士 Cattle Raiders (1938) 亚利桑那南部 South of Arizona (1938) Rollin' Plains (1938) Sky Giant (1938) 西部宴会 Western Jamboree (1938) 太平间的女人 The Lady in the Morgue (1938) 在西部的星空下 Under Western Stars (1938) Where the Buffalo Roam (1938) 恶童 Tough Kid (1938) 歌曲和马鞍 Songs and Saddles (1938) 飞侠哥顿:勇闯火星 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (1938) Call of the Yukon (1938) 非法山谷 Lawless Valley (1938) 快车谋杀案 Outlaw Express (1938侦探王先生 Mr. Wong, Detective (1938) 赤足男孩 Barefoot Boy (1938) 州立警察 State Police (1938) 少管所 Reformatory (1938) 德克萨斯州上空的星光 Starlight Over Texas (1938) 紫色义务警员 The Purple Vigilantes (1938) PCall the Mesquiteers (1938) 西部的踪迹 Western Trails (1938) 孟加拉的暴风雨 Storm Over Bengal (1938) Held for Ransom (1938) 北方之心 Heart of the North (1938) 泰山的复仇 Tarzan's Revenge (1938) When G-Men Step In (1938) 关山飞渡 Stagecoach (1939) Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp (1939) 古庙战茄声 Gunga Din (1939) 火爆三兄弟 Beau Geste (1939) The Real Glory (1939) 泰山得子 Tarzan Finds a Son! (1939) 荡寇志 Jesse James (1939) Code of the Secret Service (1939) 街道密码 Code of the Streets (1939) 三剑客 The Three Musketeers (1939) 我的儿子是有罪的 My Son Is Guilty (1939) 空气的秘密服务 Secret Service of the Air (1939) Torchy Runs for Mayor (1939) 爱尔兰的好运 Irish Luck (1939) Glove Slingers (1939) Burn 'Em Up O'Connor (1939) Legion of Lost Flyers (1939) Water Rustlers (1939) 彭巴斯草原的法律 Law of the Pampas (1939) 内幕 Inside Information (1939) Pacific Liner (1939) Twelve Crowded Hours (1939) Indianapolis Speedway (1939) 伪造护照 Forged Passport (1939) Double Deal (1939) 佐罗的面具 The Mark of Zorro (1940) 维城血战 Virginia City (1940) 骑军血战史 North West Mounted Police (1940) 圣非小路 Santa Fe Trail (1940) 飞侠哥顿:征服宇宙 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940) Up in the Air (1940) 水兵高飞 The Marines Fly High (1940) I banditernas fälla热带酒吧 Torrid Zone (1940) Spills for Thrills (1940) 食指残废,无法继续......百年跨度啊,明天手好了,鼠标好了,脑子还没好就继续给你哈.参考资料:百度一下*www.shufadashi.com*?*?


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